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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Traditions

Today, we're still in our pajamas, all sick (except Elesiv) and Jeff & I are just trying to keep it together while we take care of the kids! Chase was up most of the night, screaming at times & we couldn't calm him down. He is happy one minute & a nightmare the next. So, we're exhausted & sick today, and not doing anything, but I was thinking about those traditions that I've loved from past years.

When I was a teenager, I spent New Year's Eve at my friend's house. She had several single young adult siblings at the time and her parents would have all of her siblings friends over for breakfast at midnight. It was so much fun! Her parents also re-filled their Christmas stockings on New Year's Eve so that on New Year's morning they had some small gifts to open from the New Year's baby. I just loved these traditions & would love to do them in our house when the kids get older.

My family established a tradition, when I was a teenager, of going out to breakfast on New Year's morning every year. We would usually go to Perkins and just enjoy a nice breakfast out. As kids, we loved the tradition of a sleepover at grandma's house with all of our cousins and a Swedish pancake breakfast in the morning.

What are your New Year's Day traditions?