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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family Home Evening: Gratitude Lesson

Last night's Family Home Evening was on gratitude. We talked about how when someone does something nice for us its important to say "thank you". Then we talked about all the nice presents that were received for Christmas and that it was so important to say "thank you" for all those nice things we received. We took pictures of the kid with the presents they got from their grandparents (each picture was with what they got from one set of grandparents) and then this morning I used to make thank you cards that have the pictures on them. When they're ready, we'll write a thank you message inside, help the kids to sign them & send them off to the grandparents. Here's the pictures we took - and yes, the puppy was a gift of sorts from grandparents. Not exactly a Christmas gift, but we were given a puppy from my parents' recent litter and got to bring her home after our Christmas visit.