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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chivalry is not dead

On Sunday, Jeff got to attend nursery with Chase since I had to teach a lesson in Relief Society. The story he told me on our way home just made me melt!

Chase was playing with a football and a little girl was playing with a ball not too far away. One of the other boys came & took the ball away from the little girl. He then came & tried to take the football from Chase. But Chase held on with all his might and the boy had to put the other ball down in order to try harder to get the football from Chase. Chase finally just let go which caused the other boy fall to the ground, dropping the football as well. Chase reached down & picked up the football & the other ball & then went over to the little girl & gave the ball back to her. How sweet is that! I was so impressed that at 16 months he would think to do that himself.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate medical statistics!

I've learned from experience that medical statistics are not in my favor. Any time the doctor spouts of statistics that are something like 2% of people or 1 in every million, Jeff says, "oh, no!" because he's learned that I'm bound to be in that 2% or to be the one-in-a-million, when its not the best thing to be!

To give an example:
After the invitro that got us pregnant with Chase, I got a blood clot that got infected due to the procedure of removing my eggs. It took days & repeated doctors visits (all over the holiday weekend, by the way) to discover what was wrong . . . first it was thought that I was just retaining some fluid (as is common), then it moved on to a possible kidney infection or kidney stones, and as the pain increased & my white blood cell count increased, they finally found "something" floating around in my abdomen. Two doctors and an ultrasound tech were all gathered around discussing before I was sent to the hospital for further tests to see what "it" was. It turned out to be an infected blood clot, something that the doctors at our very renowned clinic had never seen before in all their years of doing these procedures.

There are many more stories & the odds just never seem to be on my side, but all that being known, I was positively optimistic when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. At the time, we were getting ready to do fertility treatments & I was told that I wouldn't be able to take medications while pregnant or nursing, but that 80% of female patients with rheumatoid arthritis have no arthritis symptoms while they are pregnant! In fact, the doctor I saw (again, one who has been around for a while) said that she had never seen a case where rheumatoid arthritis symptoms had continued during pregnancy.

What a relief! To go a full 9 months without medications & without arthritis symptoms would be heaven! Then came my first pregnancy with Chase & an INCREASE in my problems with rheumatoid arthritis. That's right, not only did it disappear but it got worse. So, here we go on pregnancy #2 & I was hoping that this time the odds would be in my favor. All hope is gone now . . . and I've pretty much figured out that this is just how its going to be when I'm pregnant.

On the positive side of those pesky medical statistics, our two tries at invitro have both worked despite a 60% chance the first time & only a 30% chance the second time. So, I am grateful for that, though frustrated by the fact that less invasive measures didn't help us get pregnant -- which they never could figure out why!

Mall Walking

On a day like today, when the sun is shining bright & hot, it was nice to go to the mall for a walk. Its about a 7 minute drive each way for us, so it doesn't add that much time on to our walk, but it got me out & moving instead of just looking at the hot sun & saying, "no thanks, not today!". Chase loves it too because there is so much to look at as we walk around. Since Chase doesn't get up until 8:00, by the time I get him up & dressed & get breakfast taken care of, it's usually close to 9:00 and that's just too late to take advantage of early morning cool temperatures.

It was fun to see a whole family walking at the mall today. Kids are out of school & Grandpa & mom had them at the mall getting some exercise! But there were also serious walkers & some groups of friends who meet on a daily basis.

I love that the malls have opened their doors early to allow for walkers! To walk in the air conditioning in the summer is great & to avoid the rain (year-round), snow or just plain cold air is nice in the winter. We've been walking outside for the past few months since it warmed up enough but was still beautiful, but I think its now back to the mall for us!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who thought of putting velcro on kids shoes, anyway?

Okay, I can understand older kids having velcro shoes so that its easier for them to take them off & put them on by themselves without mom & dad having to do it, but I'm talking about an 18 month old, for goodness sake!

When the weather turned warm, we had to get Chase a pair of sandals. I looked & looked & could only find sandals that either slipped off & on or secured with velcro (whatever happened to buckles?). I knew this option was doomed from the beginning. Once he figured out how to get the velcro open, there would be no keeping those shoes on his feet.

Well, he figured out the velcro pretty quickly, but because it was towards the back of his foot, he did manage to keep them on most of the time. Lately, he had started taking them off while we were out if he was sitting in the stroller & then I'd just shove them in the back pocket of the stroller & let him go barefoot. But we weren't so lucky on a trip to the mall last week. I looked down & saw him messing with his sandal & thought that I better just get those off his feet, but lo & behold, the other one was already gone & no where in sight! I backtracked the short distance we had come through the mall & even checked with the information desk with no luck at all.

So, we had to go out & buy a new pair of sandals. Once again, only velcro ones to be found & he's already taking them off. I can only hope that we make it through the summer without having to buy a 3rd pair of sandals!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hooray for Nursery!

Chase did so well during sacrament meeting today . . . busy, but not too ornery or noisy. But the greatest thing was taking him to nursery today! In our ward, they let the kids come in (with their parents) at 16 months so they can get used to nursery & the parents can leave them there when they turn 18 months. It was heaven! It was so much easier for him to behave with other kids, toys & activities. We are done spending all of our church time chasing him through the halls & for that I am very thankful!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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