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Saturday, October 31, 2009


We enjoyed getting Chase dressed up and going to the "trunk or treat" & Halloween party at the church last night. It was lots of fun & Chase had a blast. He must've really gotten worn out because his usual internal alarm clock that doesn't go past 8am, went clear until 9:45 this morning!

I grew up with home-made costumes & always loved them so I was determined to do the same for Chase even though we got home from a trip to Colorado late on Thursday & I had to do last minute scrambling to get something together for him. Jeff is the artist, though, so he drew the muscles on the shirt, put together a much more stable barbell than what I had constructed, and even drew on the mustache. I just had to run around town & try to find a long sleeve white onesie -- more difficult than you might think! This one was a turtleneck in the girl's section at Kohls!

One picture standing still was the best we could get! Believe it or not, sticking the barbell between his teeth, was Chase's idea -- goofball!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Shower

Thank you, thank you, to all my friends from church who organized & came to a baby shower to help us get ready for the arrival of our little girl in just 8 short weeks! We've been so consumed with getting ready for our cross-country move that we haven't taken the time to do much of anything for this baby, but now we have some clothes & some excitement over all things pink, flowery, and just plain girl-y! I'm definitely more in the mood now to start getting ready for this baby & we might even start talking about name possibilities again or start shopping for crib bedding and a few more clothes for when she first comes home! Thanks to everyone who came & for the adorable clothes & other gifts!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I just don't understand & Uprooted audition video!

I went to Kohls yesterday in search of something new (in the maternity section) to wear. I came out empty-handed, yet again, but spent some time browsing the store while I was there. I was astonished to find that the shoe section was divided into "juniors" and "womens". I had never seen that before, so I thought I'd check things out. The juniors section was full of the cutest shoes & I thought, "Am I too old to wear these?" I figured the womens section would have maybe just a more refined version of those cute shoes, but when I got there, there was only maybe 1 pair of shoes that I even liked. Interesting change to the shoe department . . . wonder how that came about?

At least it gave us something to do. Chase came along & had a great time in the Kohls forward facing cart which was good since he's been rebelling against grocery carts & strollers these days. He also loved pulling the shoe boxes out as we went down the aisles. We took our time so that Jeff could put together some parts of our audition video for a new HGTV show called, Uprooted. We finished off the video after Chase went to bed last night. Here's how it turned out:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Test Prep: Carbo-loading!

Once again, I failed the first glucose test for gestational diabetes. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Chase, but I passed the second test with no problems which meant no gestational diabetes.

So, now I'm getting ready for the second time around with the 3 hour glucose test (the 2nd test). I have to follow a special diet for 3 days that increases my carbohydrate intake to 300 grams each day, which is A LOT! I am so full and feel like I'm constantly eating to get in those 300 grams each day. Kind of fun to have an excuse to HAVE to eat ice cream, but by the end of the day when I'm trying to get in the rest of the things I have to eat, I do get feeling quite bloated!

Wish me luck on my test on Wednesday! Hopefully, we'll get the same results as when I was pregnant with Chase.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleeping on the Couch

That's where I'll be tonight . . . sleeping on the couch. I didn't do anything to make my husband mad. Instead, he has been making me proud all day long . . . finishing up the last of the painting in a 2 story stairwell that required some very tricky maneuvering of the ladder. That stairwell is right outside our bedroom and since its raining outside, the windows (which were open & venting the fumes) had to be closed. The fumes are bad enough that they're making my pregnant stomach sick, so I'll be heading to the first floor to sleep on the couch tonight.

Wow! I'm amazed as I look around at this house & how much we've done in the last couple of months as we're preparing to move. I sure would buy it if I was looking for a house in Maryland!

For those who might be wondering, we're still not sure when the move will take place. We do know that Jeff has been asked to start work in Colorado on Nov. 23rd. But we're still waiting on work to get the fiscal budget in place so they can start allocating funds for our move & get some things in place for us . . . like our trip out to Colorado to find a place to live and an appointment with a property management company to see about renting out our house instead of selling.

Its taken some faith on my part -- the one who always has to have a plan (well in advance) to know what is going to happen & be prepared for it ahead of time. But I have finally been able to "let go" and let it stop eating away at me. For now, we're doing what we can & preparing for what we can & then we'll deal with any challenges as they come instead of worrying about challenges we may face that may never even happen at all.