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Friday, February 27, 2009

$50 kids shoes!

I can't believe I spent over $50 on a pair of shoes for Chase today! Jeff doesn't know yet, so . . . shhhhh!LOL

Over the past year, I have purchased several different pairs of shoes & none of them ended up working for us. Usually it was a case of not being able to get the shoes on his feet, but if we were able to squeeze his feet inside the shoe then they wouldn't stay on for more than a minute or two. So, I've wasted a lot of money on cheap shoes.

Today, we went to the mall to the Stride Rite store. I've never been there before & I was impressed! You get one-on-one service to pick out the right shoes. They asked if Chase was walking yet and that determined the selection of shoes that we got to pick from. They measured his feet to determine a size and discovered that his feet weren't as pudgy as we thought and could easily fit shoes after all -- he just needed the right ones. We chose the styles to try on & then they brought them out & put them on him, had him stand up so they could feel how the fit was and then had him walk around. (That was pretty funny to see him trying to figure that one out, it involved high & wide stepping on his part, like he was trying to climb over something.) After picking out the right pair of shoes, they took a picture of him in his first shoes and encouraged me to keep the shoes on him instead of taking them off & putting them back in the box.

It was great service & I was impressed! And even after we left, he kept the shoes on for quite a while today, though he kept grabbing at his feet trying to figure out what those things on his feet were!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here we go again!

So here we are on a very similar path that we were on almost 2 years ago, working towards an Invitro (IVF) procedure. I thought that this time would be easier since we already have a baby. So far, it hasn't been that easy. The hormones swirling around from the medications and all the poking & prodding at my body add to my already edgy state of being since we're adding doctor's appointments and everything else into our already busy lives.

However, this time we're doing a "frozen" cycle as opposed to a "fresh" cycle. In simple terms, it means that I have to take fewer medications, will have fewer doctors appointments, and the cost will be less. But it also means that we have a much lower chance of actually getting a baby out of it.

Poor Jeff is dealing with me & my emotional rollercoaster as best he can and I am so grateful for his patience with me. Last night, I had to apologize for being so "mad" all the time and made a promise to myself to do better today. So far, its been a good day and I'll hope that I can make it through the day as a "nice" person. I think I just need to take it one day at a time, but that's always easier said than done.

In the end, will it be worth it? Chase is definitely worth the 10 years of heartache, thousands of dollars & many miserable medical procedures that we had to go through to get him. So, if we get another baby, yes, it will definitely be worth it.

The Joys of Teething

The past couple of weeks have been difficult with Chase trying to cut some nasty teeth. As the ever-happy baby, he still has moments of lots of fun, but these are also combined with moments of frustration, complaining, whining, and crying -- and not just by me, but by Chase, too!

Its been a tough couple of weeks & I find that when Chase gets in a real stinker of a mood, its best for us to load up and get out of the house. We've been going to the mall to walk around or just out for a drive to run errands. How I wish we were back in Arizona so we could go out for a walk during the day, but its been way too cold here.

Last Thursday, we spent the day in bed, with Chase curled up in my arms, drifting in and out of sleep all day. Even though it completely messed up my plans for the day, I had to enjoy it since Chase will normally not let me hold him for more than a few seconds, let alone snuggle up in my arms. While I did feel bad for the pain he was in, I had to sit back and enjoy being able to just hold my son.

I guess we have to find the joy in everything. I'm not usually very good at that, but I am grateful I was able to on that day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chase Turns ONE!

Warning: This post contains what could be considered "picture overload", due to first time parents who think their kid is the cutest thing in the world!

Chase turned ONE this week! Wow -- I think I was more sentimental on this day than I was when he was born. In my defense, I went through a lot of complications while giving birth and so while it was great to have a baby I was also dealing with a lot of other "stuff". I truly enjoyed Chase's first birthday, without having to worry about anything else but being with my kiddo.

In the morning, Chase & I went to the store together to get the last couple of ingredients I needed for his birthday cake. He was mesmerized by all the valentine balloons all over the store, so I bought a red balloon for him and he seemed excited by it -- until it got too close, which made him extremely nervous; it was too cute!

About mid-day, I realized that I hadn't purchased birthday candles for the cake and by this time had decided to make cupcakes -- easier for our small family of 3 to avoid eating an entire cake, since we could freeze some cupcakes & share some at a meeting that I had coming up later in the week. So, it was off to the store again to buy the candles & cupcake wrappers.

When we returned home, there was a box at the front door. My sweet husband had sent me flowers with a message, "It may be his birthday, but you did all the work!" It made my day, and yes, made me even more emotional! Chase enjoyed playing with the bubble wrap that came in the package (completely supervised, of course).

When Jeff came home from work, we had a quick dinner of Chase's favorite foods (hot dogs & french fries). Then we headed to the mall for ice cream and a ride on some of the coin operated toys. How can a little boy instinctively know to turn the steering wheel back & forth? He really enjoyed the fun at the mall, as did we!

Back at the house, Chase got to unwrap presents and enjoy his birthday cupcake, once he figured out that it was something he was supposed to eat & not just a toy. We had fun spending the rest of the evening playing with his new toys. What a blessing it is to have this cute little boy in our lvies!


"So, I'm supposed to eat this thing?!

"Alright, its bubble wrap!"

Keeping an eye on that balloon . . . who knows what its up to!

And that's my birthday boy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Baby!

We're having just waaaay too much fun with this kid! Keep in mind that this kind of behavior is happening all day long with us -- definitely not an isolated incident!

Trip to the National Aquarium

We had fun with a family outing to the National Aquarium in Baltimore last Saturday. One of our informal New Years resolutions this year is to take a family outing once a month -- to break us out of our routine & add a little bit more fun to our lives. It was pretty cool & Chase enjoyed it, too!

Part of the fun we're having as we travel, is doing a "where in the world is Gold Canyon" series of photos & video for my business. This is the picture we got at the aquarium!

Chase is always happy, but when he hears someone clap, he lights up & joins in! I think that he thinks they're clapping for him!

It was fun to get right up to the glass to see the dolphins swimming around after the dolphin show.

Look for the crocodile over Jeff's shoulder in this one -- pretty cool, huh?

Jeff calls this the "obligatory family picture"-- I call it a fun picture of our family at the entrance to the aquarium. If you look closely, you can see a ton of large fish swimming in the tank behind us.

Monday, February 2, 2009