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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just some highlight photos . . .

One of our many times "eating out" while living in hotels during our move across the country this fall. Chase just wouldn't give up that corn on the cob!

Chase's favorite thing about the hotels was the "buttons" on the elevator & the sliding closet doors. He would grab you by the hand & want you to sit in the closet with him while he played with the toys he stashed there. This is Jeff & Chase sitting in one of the closets.

When we moved into our apartment, the new fascination became the empty kitchen cabinets. Chase loved to climb in and out of them . . . and he loves his new bedroom closet with a sliding door!

Another new fascination . . . the new washer & dryer. Chase loves to help put the clothes in the washer & dryer and will sit and watch the washing cycle.

This boy really loves his soccer ball! One of our favorite things is when he throws both hands straight up in the air and yells "GOAL"! You'd think we spent time teaching him that, but we didn't. He surprised us by doing it out of the blue one day . . . must've been from the time he spent watching Jeff's soccer games last fall.

Oh what fun a pack of toilet paper can be! Chase got his hand stuck inside the roll!

Chase likes to spend more time on "laps" these days since he sees his sister getting all the attention that way.

New pictures of Elesiv . . . 2 1/2 weeks old.

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  1. I can't believe you continued to get pictures even through all the craziness of a move and having a baby! But so glad you did. Those pictures are sooo cute! It makes me want to rethink the set up of our house--maybe empty a few kitchen cabinets or allow the girls down in the basement to watch the washer and dryer for a bit.... Cute!