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Friday, March 4, 2011

Parenting Help, Please!

We're going through a difficult time here. When the new baby was brought home from the hospital (over a year ago!) there really weren't any problems with the 2 year old. Now that one year has gone by, he's having some serious problems with her . . . she takes his toys, he has to share things with her & we're just plain struggling. He even starts throwing a fit when she wakes up from a nap or wakes up in the morning (after him); he starts crying, "No, Evie's not awake!"

What to do? We've relocated a few of his toys to his bedroom (the ones that he has a really hard time sharing) so that he can play with some things by himself. We've done occasional one-on-ones - where mom takes one & dad takes the other on an errand alone. And we've given Chase a couple of grown-up jobs that he really likes.

Do I just have to wait for him to grow out of the stage or is there more that I could be doing? Help, please!


  1. That sounds hard! I'm no expert, but I think you are on the right track. Keep up the positive reinforcement. Continue the one-on-one effort. And know you aren't alone....

  2. When you figure it out, let me know...Calvin and Savannah still have that problem lol :)

    Seriously, though, have you tried explaining the whole big brother thing to him...about how he's the protector and she's his responsibility and all that jazz? That helped a little for Calvin...she's just annoying now...

  3. Your doing everything I do! Sharing is the hardest part but pretty soon he will grow out of it. Kai now brings Noah all of his toys instead of taking away. From everything I have read or heard you are doing everything right! Just wait it out I guess :? good luck!