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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

YW Activity: Culture Night

Our Mia Maids were in charge of the combined Young Women activity last night & we had a lot of fun. We did a culture night. We asked for volunteers to bring a food from a foreign culture, set up a display table, or give a presentation. Those that set up tables got to share what was on their table & we had a couple of our girls give great presentations on places they had visited (Panama & France) and we got to try out some delicious food!

While I was busy with other parts of the planning, my husband put together a Culture Quiz that you can download here. He gathered together some fun facts and we passed it out to the girls as a quiz. I put a list of the countries/cities that were the answers on the board for them to guess from.

Caution: he gathered this list from the internet, so while we know that EVERYTHING you read on the internet is true, use this list knowing that its not first hand knowledge but was pulled from internet sources ;)

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