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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Laugh in the Face of the New Years Resolution!

So, laughing about New Years Resolutions is pretty typical. You make them, then 2 weeks later, you break them, right? But we have something to celebrate here. Last year, we did pretty well on our New Years Resolutions. We managed to reach our financial savings goal, even before Jeff went on his big business trip that earned him extra money. So, we exceeded that goal. Both Jeff & I came pretty close to our weight loss goals. I lost over 50 lbs . . . granted, I had a baby in February, so a lot of it came off pretty quickly. But I managed to not only reach my pre-pregnancy weight, but ended the year a full 16 lbs. lighter than I was before I got pregnant! Basically, I just had to take a moment to celebrate! I was talking with a business associate the other day who said that she didn't think she'd ever seen me this thin since she met me 6 years ago when we moved to Maryland . . . she was right & it felt pretty good! I still have a ways to go to meet my ultimate goal, but I'm on my way there!

This year, we've set some pretty big goals again, including our BHAG (that I posted about previously). I'm also currently working on the "Big Bag Toss of '09" from a blog that I read by Jamie Novak. So far, we have either tossed, given away or sold 6 bags worth of stuff that was cluttering up our lives. I think I'll continue to post this year when we meet or are working on one of our New Years Resolutions. Maybe then, I'll feel accountable for my progress.

Here's to great success in 2009!


  1. Congratulations!!! That's great! And I also love the idea of the Big Bag Toss Challenge. We might have to start that one at our house....

  2. Wow congrats on 2008 goals, those are amazing accomplishments, way to go!!!