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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Maternity Clothes Woes

Why is it that whenever I'm looking forward to being pregnant I see the cutest maternity clothes & then when I actually get to that point, I can't find anything at the stores?

This week I feel like I've put on 20 lbs! I blame it on the baby even though I've been eating like crazy trying to keep the nausea away. When my stomach is empty, the queasy stomach is so much worse, so I try to keep myself full as much as possible. But really, the pregnant belly is starting to show itself as I'm reaching the end of the 1st trimester.

Anyway, along with the increased stomach size comes the need for maternity clothes. I feel good that I've lost a full size since the last time I was pregnant, but that means that none of my cute maternity clothes from the last pregnancy fit right. And clothes that don't fit right leave me feeling blah.

I've been shopping (& shopping & shopping) but run into the same problems everywhere . . .
1. not much of a selection
2. all the sleeves are too short for my very white & not so skinny upper arms
3. everything is too low cut for someone who doesn't like to show cleavage
4. the style of wearing clothes skin tight over your belly is just not my thing

So, wish me luck on my continuous quest to find maternity clothes & let me know if you know of any better options for maternity shopping out there; I could use some help on this one!


  1. totally hear you! it's so frustrating to maternity shop, especially when i find something totally cute and discover it's WAY over my budget OR it just doesn't fit. i hope you have better luck soon!

    glad you're feeling better this time around ;)

  2. Hmm... this is a tough one! I've had difficulty finding clothes too. Sometimes I can find stuff at Motherhood, but I've had better luck with Old Navy or Gap this time around. Gap is expensive, so I typically go for the clearance section. And, I find that layering works with some of the shirts that have short sleeves or low cleavage (I hate that too!). Good luck!

  3. That's what happened to me last time around! I finally figured that all the cute, stylish and by now unpregnant people had donated all their clothes, so I hit the thrift stores and resell shops. It worked--$40 total for all my stuff. Good hunting!

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