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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trip to Arizona

Chase & I got to take a trip to Arizona a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the trip was very quick & involved rushing around to visit as much family as possible. So, unfortunately, we weren't able to fit in any visits with friends. Sorry everyone -- hopefully we'll get to fit in some "friends" visits when we're in town for the Gold Canyon Convention in August!

Chase absolutely LOVED the time he got to spend playing outside, playing with cousins, and following around his grandpas.

Chase finally learned to give "hugs" in a very natural way as he hugged his cousin, Bryce, goodbye after our visit to their home. We hadn't been able to get him to give hugs before that!

Chase had the best time playing outside at his cousins' house. Between the swings, slide, trampoline & all the cousins (& Aunt Stacey helping him around). He couldn't have had a better time!

Chase loved playing with Aunt Stacey's huge bear. He would walk around carrying him (even though the bear was bigger than he is) and one day just came in and flopped down against the bear to lay down on the floor. It was too cute!

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