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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Don't let the pregnant lady go grocery shopping!

On my recent trip to do the weekly shopping, I realized that having the pregnant lady doing the grocery shopping might not be the smartest thing for our budget! I went to the store, armed with a menu & a list of everything we'd need for the week, including some snacks so I didn't feel too deprived and came away with . . . frosted animal cookies, pineapple soda pop, hot dogs, ice cream, and chips -- all of which WERE NOT on the list. Of course, I got the items on the list as well & actually managed to stay well below my weekly budget, but I would've had so much more money left if all those extra items had stayed on the grocery store shelves. Oh well, at least I can blame it on the pregnancy & feel good about myself because the dr. says my weight gain is in the perfect range!


  1. So the next question would be how quickly did you eat them all.... ;)

  2. Oh, they never last too long. Though, its been a week now & we still have some frosted animal cookies & a full package of hot dogs - we'll use them with to cookout for Labor Day.