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Saturday, October 31, 2009


We enjoyed getting Chase dressed up and going to the "trunk or treat" & Halloween party at the church last night. It was lots of fun & Chase had a blast. He must've really gotten worn out because his usual internal alarm clock that doesn't go past 8am, went clear until 9:45 this morning!

I grew up with home-made costumes & always loved them so I was determined to do the same for Chase even though we got home from a trip to Colorado late on Thursday & I had to do last minute scrambling to get something together for him. Jeff is the artist, though, so he drew the muscles on the shirt, put together a much more stable barbell than what I had constructed, and even drew on the mustache. I just had to run around town & try to find a long sleeve white onesie -- more difficult than you might think! This one was a turtleneck in the girl's section at Kohls!

One picture standing still was the best we could get! Believe it or not, sticking the barbell between his teeth, was Chase's idea -- goofball!

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  1. YES! So cute...I love this boy!!! I actually have come to quite enjoy the buy it and forget it easy, so cheap, so worth not having to worry about it...but alas, I have one creative child that just won't allow that...check out the pics on my blog and you will see who! cannot capture true creativity and personality in a store bought costume...this one in genius!