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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Curse of the Playgroup!

We've been trying to go to a playgroup for months now (in fact, since the beginning of the year). Every time there is one scheduled & I put it in my plan for the day, one or more of our household gets sick. I was all excited today because I had been sick over the weekend but was feeling better by yesterday afternoon so I figured we could make it to the playgroup (for the very first time) this morning. But as I went to pull Chase out of his high chair after breakfast this morning, he felt very warm to me. Low & behold . . . he has a fever over 100 degrees. So, no playgroup for us again :(

It really is too bad because Chase LOVES to play with other kids & would have so much fun with something like this. Not to mention that it would allow for some adult interaction for me during the day. Well, we'll make it one of these days!

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