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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Something Fun Every Day . . . getting caught up!

We took a HUGE break due to illness and traveling for my Gold Canyon convention & my youngest sisters' wedding. But now that we're back, I thought I'd share some ideas that we've used in the last month or two (how long has it been?). There will be more to come, but at least this is something for now:

Chase's favorite thing in the world is letters since his very first fit in the store when he saw a bag of foam bath letters when he was 16 months old. I found magnetic letters at Target in their $1 bins & just couldn't resist. So, we bought up 4 packages and got a white board to stick them to. Yes, its the new favorite toy around our house & we play with it together by me spelling out words & sounding them out for him.

The park is always a great option when the weather is good. Chase LOVES to go to the park & I don't take him nearly as often as he'd like. But once in a while, he gets to enjoy it!

I tried my very best to make things a little better while I was sick. Chase took one end of the couch & I took another, sharing the blanket. It didn't last all that long, but the little while that it did last was very nice. We spent a lot of time watching cartoons, too!

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