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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 2 Weight Loss

Ba Humbug!  (is that supposed to be one word or two?)  Anyway, I was so excited about that first week & 4 lbs lost that I kept right on going into week 2.  And was so discouraged to be doing the same things & seeing no improvement.  I mean the scale seemed like it was stuck & I was sure it had to be broken, right?  That is, until it started going UP.  How could I be exercising so hard & eating so well and be getting THOSE results?

I'm convinced that it has something to do with leftover side effects from my pregnancy.  My hormones have been all messed up & crazy things going on and for the last 3 weeks, the doctor has even had me on estrogen patches to try to even things out.  Well, the patches are gone now & I really hope that things will level out a bit.

On the positive, even though I went up for a couple of days, I did end the week exactly where I started the week.  So, I'm still down 4 lbs from where I started 2 weeks ago, which is good progress.  I also started with a running group through Stroller Strides (I love this group in Castle Rock)!  It was fun to workout with some new friends on Saturday & push myself a little bit more.  I'll have "homework" workouts to complete on my own this week and will continue with a couple of video workouts as well.  But I think my focus will be more on the running so that I will be able to run for a solid 5k in 8 weeks . . . that's the goal!

Still 4 lbs down & Still 39 to go

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