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Friday, March 20, 2009


This week we've been working on discipline! I used a great book called On Becoming Baby Wise (given to me by my great sister-in-law, Sheri) when Chase was first born to get him into a routine. I loved the results since it meant my 7 week old was sleeping through the night & I could get my sanity back!

So, I started realizing the need for some instruction in this new pre-toddler phase that Chase is in and turned to Baby Wise again -- this time to Book 2 that deals with 5 to 15 months. Well, we're very late in turning to the wise counsel in this book, but have gained so much from it already!

We had done one of the things mentioned in the book that you shouldn't do. We baby proofed the house to the point that there was nothing within Chase's reach that we didn't want him getting into. That meant that every morning we had to pull the blinds up out of his reach, unplug the nightlight & recently had to cover up the tv buttons in the family room & have started "locking" the oven so he couldn't pull it open.

When I started reading the book, I realized that we weren't teaching him anything by doing this . . . this cute kid had not learned what "no" means or how to obey or have self-control. Now, granted, he's only 13 months old, but in the last week, following the guidelines in the book, he will now leave something alone if we say "no" and stays away from the items that we've already taught him to keep out of.

We have a much happier household now, even though Chase wanders around the house saying, "no-no-no-no-no-no"!


  1. oh boy, we're in trouble! trey's nearly 16 months and we can't for anything get him to stay away from things he's supposed to. is it too late for us?!

  2. Check out the book (we just got it from the library). I was amazed at how quickly it worked & has transformed our lives for the better! Sounds dramatic, I know, but it really did make a huge difference!