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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I love!

I started thinking about all of my "favorite" things the other day, as I went throughout my day. I made a list & thought I would share it:

1. Netflix -- we just got a subscription & are using it like crazy! Its a nice break to have a movie to watch either online or with a dvd after Chase has gone to bed or for a date night.
2. Ken's Steakhouse Honey Mustard -- I just love honey mustard but have never been able to find a restaurant style honey mustard at the store. When I found this brand, I knew I wouldn't miss going out to eat this year!
3. Dove chocolate!
4. Taste of Home magazine & cookbooks -- awesome recipes for real people!
5. Clorox toilet brush
6. Swiffer sweeper - great for picking up all my hair that I lose; I keep it in my bathroom & use it every day after I do my hair.
7. Manicures -- I just got my first one a few months ago. If you've never gotten one, you just have to do it!
8. Wii -- we love playing on our Wii and being a little more active some evenings; we love just the basic sports package that comes with the Wii; tennis is the best!
9. Jon Schmidt -- incredible piano music; I love his stuff!
10. NCIS -- a new favorite tv show; a little quirky, but lots of fun
11. Altoids -- the new chocolate dipped creme de menthe ones are sooo good!
12. Baby Wise -- great book that gets your baby on a schedule; Chase was sleeping through the night by 7 weeks thanks to this great book!
13. Homeology -- all natural cleaners that I sell through Gold Canyon, incredible fragrances, so natural & they work!
14. What Not to Wear -- a favorite tv show on TLC
15. Brite Music -- great music for kids
16. Anita Stansfield -- a favorite author of LDS fiction
17. Sandra Boynton -- a great author of children's board books
18. Gold Canyon candles -- of course I sell these, but I do it because I love them & so does everyone who tries them!
19. Reflections of Christ -- this is the cd I'm currently listening to; can't get enough of it!
20. Weight Watchers -- you can find all sorts of great weight watchers recipes out there that taste great & are good for you
21. Emerge -- body products by Gold Canyon; I love that this stuff keeps my skin moisturized!
22. Kohls -- favorite clothing store to shop!
23. Loreal mineral makeup -- more expensive, but the stuff lasts forever & I love it!
24. Max Factor Lipfinity -- this stuff stays on ALL DAY; no joke - won't come off when you kiss someone, take a drink, etc.

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