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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IVF - could we end up with octuplets?!!

Of course, the story of the octuplets conceived through IVF has been widely publicized and debated. I just found out about an article that addresses some interesting stuff & the doctor that they quote is actually a dr. with the clinic that we use: Shady Grove Fertility

Here's the link for the article:

We will most likely be using 2 embryos this time, though we used just a single one when we got Chase. As is addressed in the article, ours is an issue of insurance. Insurance covers 50% of the costs for us (but doesn't cover the medications at all) and also has a limit that when we reach it, they won't cover any more. So, we're willing to take the risks associated with twins, but not more than that. Shady Grove is excels when it comes to fertility treatments & we have been so impressed with their concerns over multiple birth possibilities as well as their advancements in technology. We're thrilled to be doing our procedures with them!

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