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Monday, June 22, 2009

Who thought of putting velcro on kids shoes, anyway?

Okay, I can understand older kids having velcro shoes so that its easier for them to take them off & put them on by themselves without mom & dad having to do it, but I'm talking about an 18 month old, for goodness sake!

When the weather turned warm, we had to get Chase a pair of sandals. I looked & looked & could only find sandals that either slipped off & on or secured with velcro (whatever happened to buckles?). I knew this option was doomed from the beginning. Once he figured out how to get the velcro open, there would be no keeping those shoes on his feet.

Well, he figured out the velcro pretty quickly, but because it was towards the back of his foot, he did manage to keep them on most of the time. Lately, he had started taking them off while we were out if he was sitting in the stroller & then I'd just shove them in the back pocket of the stroller & let him go barefoot. But we weren't so lucky on a trip to the mall last week. I looked down & saw him messing with his sandal & thought that I better just get those off his feet, but lo & behold, the other one was already gone & no where in sight! I backtracked the short distance we had come through the mall & even checked with the information desk with no luck at all.

So, we had to go out & buy a new pair of sandals. Once again, only velcro ones to be found & he's already taking them off. I can only hope that we make it through the summer without having to buy a 3rd pair of sandals!


  1. We would wonder why we'd even put the shoes on when we'd head to church. Within that first minute of leaving the driveway, we'd hear that velcro and knew the shoes were already off....

  2. I love Velcro so they can put on their shoes all by themselves at 2.... but any earlier and it's pointless.