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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mall Walking

On a day like today, when the sun is shining bright & hot, it was nice to go to the mall for a walk. Its about a 7 minute drive each way for us, so it doesn't add that much time on to our walk, but it got me out & moving instead of just looking at the hot sun & saying, "no thanks, not today!". Chase loves it too because there is so much to look at as we walk around. Since Chase doesn't get up until 8:00, by the time I get him up & dressed & get breakfast taken care of, it's usually close to 9:00 and that's just too late to take advantage of early morning cool temperatures.

It was fun to see a whole family walking at the mall today. Kids are out of school & Grandpa & mom had them at the mall getting some exercise! But there were also serious walkers & some groups of friends who meet on a daily basis.

I love that the malls have opened their doors early to allow for walkers! To walk in the air conditioning in the summer is great & to avoid the rain (year-round), snow or just plain cold air is nice in the winter. We've been walking outside for the past few months since it warmed up enough but was still beautiful, but I think its now back to the mall for us!

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