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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ultrasound results; Its A . . . .

What a fun appointment we had for the ultrasound today. The tech and the doctor that we saw are both twins. And we had about an hour & 15 minutes or so of watching the babies on the screen while they got all the measurements, laughing at silly things & having a great time. And without any doubt at all, clear as day . . . Baby A is a BOY and Baby B is a GIRL!

Of course we would've been happy with whatever we got, but I really wanted one of each -- it will make a lot of things simpler for us, including that we'll be able to double up on rooms in a couple of years instead of putting 3 kids in 1 room and 1 kid in their own room.

But the best part for me was in the first 60 seconds when we saw the heartbeats & saw them moving around to know that everyone is healthy & doing well, which means I can put my worrying to rest for a little while. Both babies have strong heartbeats in the 150's (154 & 158, I believe) and the doctor was amazed that they weigh the exact same amount (about 1/2 pound each), which he said he's never seen with twins before - usually one is a little larger than the other. And all the measurements they took looked great -- no problems so far! Baby A gave us a big huge grin that we got on a 3D picture -- it looks pretty creepy & we all had a good laugh at it! Seriously, he looked like the Joker!

Now to come up with names . . . . .


  1. That is so exciting Kim!! How fun. :) Do twins run in your family?

  2. Sarah - They kind of do run in the family since my brother has twins (a boy & a girl) and my mom had 2 pregnancies that could've been twins (long stories) but ended up as singles. However, ours was invitro, so we knew from the beginning that it was a possibility.

  3. Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys! I didn't know twins ran in the family!

  4. Congratulations, Kim! We're really excited for you and your family. Hope all goes well!

  5. Wow, I must me totally out to lunch so I figured you might be pregnant because of your pinterest board on twins... I'm really excited for you guys. Totally cool.