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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 4 Weight Loss

It was a great week this week!  My husband & kids have been passing around one cold after another for the past month & I had managed to evade it until this week.  I did end up getting sick but was only out of commission with a fever & everything for a single day.  I really feel like I owe that to the more healthy lifestyle --- well, and maybe to the fact that mom's just don't get sick because there's no time for it!  Our running group went to a running clinic at a local running store which was a huge help for me & I got new running shoes that I can't wait to try out next week!  I felt great, overall, and lost another 2 pounds!

This week's SECRET WEAPON to help me stay on track was getting some new workout clothes.  After a losing just a few pounds, I am starting to see a difference & wearing cute workout clothes just makes me feel better when I'm working out than the sloppy t-shirt I was wearing before.  I discovered the DANSKIN line at Walmart when I was pregnant and actually wore their yoga pants through my whole twin pregnancy, instead of struggling with maternity pants & I LOVE them!  What I love most is that they have some "relaxed" fit stuff instead of everything being so tight.

So, this week's Secret Weapon was feeling good about the way I look during exercise with some new workout clothes . . . I highly recommend it!

One of the great new shirts I got -- Danskin, from Walmart!  Online they're listed as $12, but I got mine for only under $7 each!    

7 lbs lost; 36 to go!!!

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