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Friday, February 27, 2009

$50 kids shoes!

I can't believe I spent over $50 on a pair of shoes for Chase today! Jeff doesn't know yet, so . . . shhhhh!LOL

Over the past year, I have purchased several different pairs of shoes & none of them ended up working for us. Usually it was a case of not being able to get the shoes on his feet, but if we were able to squeeze his feet inside the shoe then they wouldn't stay on for more than a minute or two. So, I've wasted a lot of money on cheap shoes.

Today, we went to the mall to the Stride Rite store. I've never been there before & I was impressed! You get one-on-one service to pick out the right shoes. They asked if Chase was walking yet and that determined the selection of shoes that we got to pick from. They measured his feet to determine a size and discovered that his feet weren't as pudgy as we thought and could easily fit shoes after all -- he just needed the right ones. We chose the styles to try on & then they brought them out & put them on him, had him stand up so they could feel how the fit was and then had him walk around. (That was pretty funny to see him trying to figure that one out, it involved high & wide stepping on his part, like he was trying to climb over something.) After picking out the right pair of shoes, they took a picture of him in his first shoes and encouraged me to keep the shoes on him instead of taking them off & putting them back in the box.

It was great service & I was impressed! And even after we left, he kept the shoes on for quite a while today, though he kept grabbing at his feet trying to figure out what those things on his feet were!

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  1. The things we do for our children's feet! :) I found you and I love that this blogging world keeps us connected. Good luck with IVF. sigh. I remember what craziness it induced before, but major happiness as well. We will pray for you! And of COURSE Chase is an adorable boy... put as many pictures on here as you can!