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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Joys of Teething

The past couple of weeks have been difficult with Chase trying to cut some nasty teeth. As the ever-happy baby, he still has moments of lots of fun, but these are also combined with moments of frustration, complaining, whining, and crying -- and not just by me, but by Chase, too!

Its been a tough couple of weeks & I find that when Chase gets in a real stinker of a mood, its best for us to load up and get out of the house. We've been going to the mall to walk around or just out for a drive to run errands. How I wish we were back in Arizona so we could go out for a walk during the day, but its been way too cold here.

Last Thursday, we spent the day in bed, with Chase curled up in my arms, drifting in and out of sleep all day. Even though it completely messed up my plans for the day, I had to enjoy it since Chase will normally not let me hold him for more than a few seconds, let alone snuggle up in my arms. While I did feel bad for the pain he was in, I had to sit back and enjoy being able to just hold my son.

I guess we have to find the joy in everything. I'm not usually very good at that, but I am grateful I was able to on that day.


  1. Snuggled up with your baby all day in bed sounds heavenly. I would like that very much. I agree with you, though, that it's hard to find joy in everything, but when you succeed every once in a while, it's worth a lot. I can't believe Chase is a one-year-old! So adorable!
    Take care!

  2. uggggghhhhh, teething sucks for everyone. I'm glad that Chase let you hold and snuggle him, it's awesome when we're able to comfort our little ones.

  3. I'm wishing for warm weather soon, too! Maybe if we put our wishes together, spring will come sooner! Good luck with the teething. Hope you're over the worst of it.