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Monday, July 13, 2009

60% girl

We went for the "big" ultrasound today. This modest little baby kept those legs crossed the whole time. The tech got one small glimpse that made her lean toward "girl", but she said she could only be 60% sure. My cousin went in for an ultrasound a few weeks ago & was told 70% girl - a second ultrasound a couple of weeks later confirmed they were having a boy!

So, basically, we have no idea at this point, other than the facts that Jeff thinks its a girl, this pregnancy has been a lot easier than the last one, and this baby isn't as wiggly as Chase was. So, we're still hoping for a girl & leaning that way, but who knows what we'll end up with?

It was good, however, just to see the baby's heart beating & see the baby moving - a little bit. (With Chase's ultrasound, he was soooo wiggly; it was so different than this one.) I felt movement with Chase at 13 weeks and consistently from there on out. I'm now 18 weeks and I still don't know for sure if I've felt this baby move. Every now & then I think I might feel something, but I'm really not sure. So, it was so nice to see the movement on the ultrasound to give me the feeling that everything is alright.


  1. I feel for you--I'm never quite secure until I see it on the ultrasound. And even then I have to have a reassurance top-up when they check the heartbeat every apoointment.
    60 percent girl sounds pretty good. I figure that's what I am. (Rob says it's more like 40 percent, but he's joking. I hope.)The other percentages break down as follows:
    10 percent sarcasm
    10 percent manic energy
    10 percent lethargy
    5 percent ice cream
    5 percent assorted nuts

    hang in there!

  2. I find it so frustrating when kids won't cooperate--especially when it comes to finding out. ;) But I LOVE hearing "healthy baby." Congrats again! Can't wait to find out 100%!

  3. someone told me to drink OJ before going in, and I have with each one and they were almost moving TOO much... nothing like a sugar high!

  4. So funny! Dave was sure this one was a girl too and kept calling "her" by a girl name for a full week until we got that 2nd ultrasound. Our kids sound similar too. With Trey, I felt him at 13 weeks consistently from then on. This one, I didn't feel until about 18 weeks. And from there it's mostly been rolls and little swipes. Nothing like my maniac Trey! I'm excited to hear the official word...