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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Head Over Hills for Pink!

The buying of "pink" started a couple of weeks ago after the first sonogram, with just that 60% chance of a girl. Just 2 pink outfits to start with that I figured could always be given away as gifts if we didn't end up with a girl.

A follow up sonogram yesterday confirmed that the chance of a girl is a pretty sure thing. We got a great view (several times) that showed no "boy parts" -- so we're counting on that girl now, even though there's always a chance that we missed something.

That being said, I am not going to be one of those mom's who refuses to buy pink. I've never understood that, though I've heard a lot of it over the years. I've definitely seen cute things in other colors, but we'll be having a lot of pink in this house. I don't know; I guess I kind of look at it as a way of celebrating girliness! And after waiting so long to get our kids, I am celebrating all that I can! We did tons of blue with Chase & will do tons of pink with our little girl to come!


  1. We have no problems with pink in our house either! Never have!

  2. I love pink for me. There are just too many cute pink things not to go nuts. Although Emmy (3yr old) is very found of purple. Both of which scream girl, girl, girl. And I love it.

  3. Way to go, Kim! Pink looks great on little girls, it's soft, cute, and cuddly just like they are!
    My sister-in-law didn't want anything pink for her oldest girl, she dressed her in bright colors most of the time, and now, her girl's favorite color is pink! Pink is just meant to be for girls, and you're right, it shows their girliness better than any other color.
    I'm so excited for you to be having a girl now that you know for sure!

  4. I used to be "one of those moms" until someone gave us something pink. I couldn't get over how cute Evelyn was in the outfit and gave way to all things pink. ;)