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Monday, March 29, 2010

FREE Printables -- File Folder Games

My 2 year old is OBSESSED with file folder games, almost as much as letters & numbers! I've printed out a few that I found online, but since we're getting ready for a long road trip I thought it would be fun to have some new ones for him. Here are 2 that I created last night . . . feel free to use & share them with others if you like them. They're very basic, but he's just TWO! LOL

What I do with file folder games is to print on cardstock, laminate them, hole punch, and then stick inside a binder -- I find it so much easier than using the actual file folders.


  1. so excited to use these, thanks for sharing! so...with the binder, where do you store the pieces to each "game"?

  2. I just keep the pieces attached to each "game". Its worked great so far! Chase just removes them and then puts them all and then re-attaches them. Though I was thinking that if I needed a place to store them, I would use a #10 envelope, seal it and then cut off the end, hole punch it on the long side (with the cut end facing up) and put the pieces inside.