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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comfortable sleep during pregnancy??? Is that even possible?

With my first 2 pregnancies, about the time I get to 7 months pregnant, I have such a hard time getting comfortable to sleep at night. I always wish that I had a recliner to sleep in, but no such luck & 2 months of pregnancy hardly seems worth the expense of a recliner, so I just suffer.

This time its going to be different! I'm just 2 months into this pregnancy & I am growing larger by the day. When I got sick last Friday (we think it might've been a kidney stone), laying down in any position became extremely painful & I've been sleeping sitting up in bed ever since. So, today I got to go & purchase my very own "congratulations/condolences on your twin pregnancy" gift - LOL!

I found the perfect chair. When I sat down in it, all of a sudden I felt a huge relief of pressure in my lower back - I hadn't even realized it was hurting! It will also make for great "putting my feet up" time as the pregnancy progresses. We also figured that it will be good to have around when the babies come & we need a 2nd rocking chair for when there are 2 of us taking care of fussy babies.

What are your suggestions for more comfortable sleep during pregnancy? Is there anything that works?

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  1. I'm glad you treated yourself to a good chair! I'm having a terrible time getting comfortable to sleep. I keep telling myself its just a few more weeks!