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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Naptime for our 3 year old has been a struggle for a while. If we could get him to hold still for 2 minutes, he would fall asleep, but that involved having to sit on his bed & continually telling him (very sternly) to "hold still, close your eyes, go to sleep". After our most recent trip to Arizona, we gave up and let him quietly watch cartoons during naptime. He was also going through multiple meltdowns each day & every little thing would set him off.

Last week, I managed to get him back onto a nap schedule & he was actually going down for a nap pretty easily, without crying and complaining. And the meltdowns have stopped . . . until today :( This morning, we went through major trauma over some very little things & I knew he was feeling extra tired. So, the greatest thing in the world happened when he finished eating lunch & then told me that he was a little tired so he needed to go take a little nap -- TEARS OF JOY going on around here!

Naptime tip: I put him in bed & tell him that he has 10 minutes to try to go to sleep himself otherwise I will have to come sit by him. He's usually still awake at the end of 10 minutes so then I just go sit on his bed for a few minutes until he falls asleep. I think he appreciates the opportunity to lay down by himself first because he does a lot less complaining about it now.

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