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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Twins Sharing a Crib

Can someone tell me how babies can get from THIS:

to THIS:
or THIS:

That little Landon (on the left) is quite the Houdini!  All swaddled like that, he is often found in a complete 180 degrees from where he was laid down.  Unfortunately for poor Alexi, that also means that she wakes up to him kicking her or with his legs resting on top of her.  Its always fun to get them up from a nap because of the anticipation to see what position they'll have wrangled their way in to!


  1. THat's funny! THose swaddle things are cool!

  2. Mine do the same thing- it's a mystery. I love how they look like little vegetables! So cute. It is more troublesome to have them scoot around like that when there are two of them.