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Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Very First Pets . . . and a Fishy Problem

First, the problem . . . because I'm hoping someone out there will have a solution for me: Despite a new, larger fish tank with a larger filter, the water in the fish tank is murky after only 1 day! Any experienced fish owners out there have a solution for us?

Now, on with the story:
After being married for nearly 13 years, we finally got our first pets! A friend called & was trying to get rid of the goldfish that her kids got a year ago since they weren't taking care of them anymore or even excited to have them. I agreed to take them (on a trial basis), feeling like maybe we could actually take care of pets since we now have a house & have managed to keep our 2 kids alive & well!

After a 2 week trial period, we decided to keep them. The only problem was that we were having to clean out the tank every couple of days, despite the filter. So, Jeff set out to the store yesterday & came back with a larger tank & larger filter & some pretty things to go inside (of course, he didn't call them "pretty"). It was at this point that I realized he had grown to like the fish even though he had given me a pretty incredulous look when he came home & saw them that first day. I also realized that it was a great time to pitch an idea!

My parents breed miniature Dachshunds and they're so cute that I've always wanted one, even though I'm not an "inside pet" kind of person & would require it to be outside. We've never lived somewhere that would accommodate an outside pet, so it was out of the question. Soooo, it was finally time that he might say "YES" to a dog, so I asked! He did say yes & in fact told me to call my mom right away & "reserve" one of their newest litter . . . a female dapple dachshund. Oh, she's just adorable & it will be so much fun to bring her home either at Christmas or later in the spring!

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