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Sunday, November 14, 2010

P90X Review . . . days 12, 13 & 14

I was sick on Friday & Jeff has been battling a back injury, so we decided to take the day off from our workout. But we got back to it on Saturday & it felt great . . . I'm so addicted to this stuff! My favorite workouts so far are the Cardio & Kenpo workouts. Overall, this week was so much easier than the first which shows how much we've improved in just 1 week. Also, the routines that were so confusing in the Kenpo workout the first time around came pretty easily the 2nd time doing it. I was actually able to do the entire workout (I sat out the X Jumping Jacks) and am so proud of myself for it!

We have a friend from high school that is following these posts & he reminded me how important the food aspect of this was, so we are trying our best . . . thanks, Farnsworth!

The first week, I had a 4 pound loss & then a one pound gain & no loss this week. It has been discouraging for me because I have a long way to go & want to see quick results for my efforts. Jeff had to remind me that gaining at the beginning means I'm gaining muscle, which weighs more than fat and that in a couple of weeks the losses will start to show up. I know he's right - that's been my experience my whole life (although usuallly, I gain about 5 to 7 pounds right off with a new exercise plan, so a 3 pound loss is pretty good for me!). Its just hard to be patient!

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