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Monday, November 15, 2010

P90X Review . . . day 15 . . .

Tonight was one of the worst workouts . . . no, let me be honest, it was THE WORST workout so far. It was the "core" workout. You'd think that our 3rd time around with it (we're just starting week 3!!!) would be easier, but I think it was harder & after only a few push-ups (which I HAD been getting much better at) my shoulder started bothering me. I've had problems with bursitis on & off for years & the pain kicked in really bad tonight. I did what I could but all push-up kinds of things were out. By the end of the workout, I had a twinge in my lower back as well & now it is killing me.

Okay, lets just move on, right? At least we get to do a different workout tomorrow night . . . and its cardio which is one of my favorites.

On a positive note . . . TONS OF ENERGY LATELY! I know its due to the workouts, vitamins & healthier eating -- love the way I feel during the day!

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